A simple and rapid method for the preparation of plasma membranes.



A simple and rapid method for preparing plasma membranes from isolated cells or tissues is described. The membranes were characterised (a) biochemically by an analysis of specific marker enzymes, (b) by quantitation of cell surface receptors, and (c) immunologically by their ability to elicit specific allogeneic responses from cytotoxic T cells in secondary in vitro stimulations. Based on both biochemical and immunologic criteria, plasma membranes prepared by the method described here are of equal or greater 'purity' compared to those prepared by two other methods that are most widely used to date and the yields are several-fold higher.


Maeda, T; Balakrishnan, Krishna; Mehdi, S Q;


  • Animals
  • Cell Fractionation/ methods
  • Cell Membrane/ immunology
  • Humans
  • Mast-Cell Sarcoma/ ultrastructure
  • Mice
  • T-Lymphocytes, Cytotoxic/ immunology
  • Thymoma/ ultrastructure
  • Thymus Neoplasms/ ultrastructure
  • Thyroid Gland/ ultrastructure

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