A Platform to Enable the Pharmacological Profiling of Small Molecules in Gel-Based Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assays.

Paradigms and Technologies
Methods Development


We describe a polyacrylamide gel casting cassette that overcomes limitations of commercially available gel electrophoresis equipment. This apparatus molds a single polyacrylamide gel that can evaluate more than 200 samples in parallel, is loaded with a multichannel pipettor, and is flexible with respect to composition of the separating matrix. We demonstrate its use to characterize inhibitors of enzymes that modify protein and nucleic acid substrates. Throughputs of greater than 1000 samples per day were achieved when this system was paired with a quantitative laser-based imaging system, yielding data of remarkable quality.


Foley, Timothy L; Dorjsuren, Dorjbal; Dexheimer, Thomas S; Burkart, Michael D; Wight, William C; Simeonov, Anton;

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