The Investigational Fungal Cyp51 Inhibitor VT-1129 Demonstrates Potent In Vitro Activity against Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii.

Therapeutic Approaches


Thein vitroactivities of the novel fungal Cyp51 inhibitor VT-1129 were evaluated against a large panel ofCryptococcus neoformansandCryptococcus gattiiisolates. VT-1129 demonstrated potent activities against bothCryptococcusspecies as demonstrated by low MIC50and MIC90values. ForC. gattii, thein vitropotency was maintained against all genotypes. In addition, significantly lower geometric mean MICs were observed for VT-1129 than for fluconazole againstC. neoformans, including isolates with reduced fluconazole susceptibility.


Lockhart, Shawn R; Fothergill, Annette W; Iqbal, Naureen; Bolden, Carol B; Grossman, Nina T; Garvey, Edward P; Brand, Stephen R; Hoekstra, William J; Schotzinger, Robert J; Ottinger, Elizabeth; Patterson, Thomas F; Wiederhold, Nathan P;

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