Key stakeholders' perspectives on a Web-based advance care planning tool for advanced lung disease.


PURPOSE: There is a paucity of scalable advance care planning strategies that achieve the diverse goals of patients, families, and clinicians. We convened key stakeholders to gain their perspectives on developing a Web-based advance care planning tool for lung disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We conducted semistructured interviews with 50 stakeholders: 21 patients with lung disease, 18 surrogates, and 11 clinicians. Interviews explored stakeholders' desired content and design features of a Web-based advance care planning tool. Participants also rated the tool's acceptability and potential usefulness. We analyzed the interviews with modified grounded theory and validated themes through member checking. RESULTS: Stakeholders highly rated the acceptability (median, 5; interquartile range, 5-5) and potential usefulness (median, 5; interquartile range, 4-5) of a Web-based tool. Interviewees offered several suggestions: (1) use videos of medical scenarios and patient narratives rather than text, (2) include interactive content, and (3) allow the user control over how much they complete in 1 sitting. Participants identified challenges and potential solutions, such as how to manage the emotional difficulty of thinking about death and accommodate low computer literacy users. CONCLUSIONS: There is strong stakeholder support for the development of a Web-based advance care planning tool for lung disease.


Chiarchiaro, Jared; Ernecoff, Natalie C; Buddadhumaruk, Praewpannarai; Rak, Kimberly J; Arnold, Robert M; White, Douglas B;

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