The NCGC pharmaceutical collection: a comprehensive resource of clinically approved drugs enabling repurposing and chemical genomics.

Paradigms and Technologies
Drug Repurposing


Small-molecule compounds approved for use as drugs may be "repurposed" for new indications and studied to determine the mechanisms of their beneficial and adverse effects. A comprehensive collection of all small-molecule drugs approved for human use would be invaluable for systematic repurposing across human diseases, particularly for rare and neglected diseases, for which the cost and time required for development of a new chemical entity are often prohibitive. Previous efforts to build such a comprehensive collection have been limited by the complexities, redundancies, and semantic inconsistencies of drug naming within and among regulatory agencies worldwide; a lack of clear conceptualization of what constitutes a drug; and a lack of access to physical samples. We report here the creation of a definitive, complete, and nonredundant list of all approved molecular entities as a freely available electronic resource and a physical collection of small molecules amenable to high-throughput screening.


Huang, Ruili; Southall, Noel; Wang, Yuhong; Yasgar, Adam; Shinn, Paul; Jadhav, Ajit; Nguyen, Trung; Austin, Christopher;


  • Cooperative Behavior
  • Drug Approval
  • Drug Evaluation, Preclinical/ methods
  • Drug Repositioning
  • Genomics/ methods
  • Humans
  • Medical Informatics
  • National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
  • Pharmaceutical Preparations/ chemistry
  • Quality Control
  • United States

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