Selective Modulation of Gq/Gs pathways by Naphtho Pyrano Pyrimidines as antagonists of the Neuropeptide S Receptor.

Medicinal Chemistry


Antagonists of the Neuropeptide S Receptor have been postulated as promising therapeutics in the treatment of respiratory, sleep, anxiety, and addictive disorders. Here we present the SAR of a new series of orthosteric antagonists. Neuropeptide S Receptor signaling is coupled to both Gq and Gs proteins, and we observe that different analogues in this structural series can selectively antagonize these two pathways. Many G-protein coupled receptors transduce signals through multiple pathways. Selective antagonism of these pathways may lead the way to the development of more targeted pharmacological profiles and therapies.


McCoy, Joshua G; Marugan, Juan; Liu, Ke; Zheng, Wei; Southall, Noel; Huang, Wenwei; Heilig, Markus; Austin, Christopher;

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